It’s not clear when they were created, but they were in alliance with Antonin. The descendants of the Tytos carry the bloodline of the Owl Gods, and sometimes they can be cruel and unforgiving. There are many Tyto-shifters running the political scene for the good fight, like Firucana Badocelli and the Duke of Bracknell. The lands under their rule include some parts of France, Berlin, some parts of Africa and half of India. They can shift to human and owl at will, like the other two aforementioned races. They are the creators of the Dark Redfire superowl soldier. “Carpe Diem Tyto” is their Third Dynasty tagline.

Owl Leaders of the Third Earth DynastyEdit

  • King Screech of the North Pole: he originated from the icy lands of the North. How he survived such harsh climates remains unknown. He led the Tyto army during the Disaster of Antonin during Emperor Firulli’s rule. His daughters, Amaya, Caster and Leshtafa had split from the empire to create their own mini-kingdom with the male Raven shifters of Iceland.
  • Queen Narsilia of the Sahara: born and raised in Africa, Narsilia wed one of the Aztec princes of the Fae Kingdom. She gave birth to her first child through human form, but it was killed in a fire set by Crotonian radicals. A few years later she once again gave birth to three more, and they’ve managed to immortalize themselves. Her rule over the Canadian Republic was viewed as slightly narcissistic when it came to fulfilling help requests. Overall, her reign was peaceful.
  • King Ravishneck of the West: when he was a Prince, he tried to undermine the rule of Benjamin Franklin during the Indigo Trials. When he came into power, he stripped America of it’s power, but later lost the country to Antonin. He was cruel and uncaring. When one of his mortal whores came to him with his three children, he viewed them as impure and dirty souls. He would later die by the hand of his own son, whom would take the crown and the Tyto Empire.
  • Emperor Travistersi, Savior of the Owls: his reign over the empire was much like Narsilia’s (minus the narcissism) and much like Thalnolis’s reign over Antonin. Travistersi killed his father when he was resting and his last words to his father was an ancient spell in owl language. He made sure his reign was unchallenged by his uncles, whom mirrored their brother. He rid of them all except Higten. he forged the Kingdom of America but lost some of it’s states to Lucerano and Antonin.

Main Gods and DietiesEdit

  • Albania: the Owl of Eternal Knowledge, Albania lived during the time of the Mammoth tribe of Rodinia planet. She accompanied the Draconizica Empire to Earth and, with Marc-Jaqueline-Perry, bred the first Owls.
  • Blanc: the Owl of Darkindle, Blanc shares his power with Noir, the Owl of Light. Not much is known about him.


The owls currently own one company, Ambvil Tech, which specializes in Research & Development. They are in competition with Perch Tech and GWEN CO., two dragon-owned companies.

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