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Recent Issues

Admiral's cicada
  • Recent Issue: The Admiral's Cicada
  • Synopsis: During an unexpected attack, General Connelly reminisces the days before his daughter died. In story #2, a young man and his dragon venture to the fabled Cicada tree where the bugs gather to sing in a chorus. Issue #41.
  • Link: Smashwords
  • The Love of an Italian Dragon
  • Synopsis: Dragons can be very romantic when they wish, especially when they have nothing left to do during the day besides strolling the piazza. The Love of an Italian Dragon is a book of flash stories that take a look into the lives of the Karrucci family, Italy’s most important dragons. Issue #40.
  • Link: Smashwords, Goodreads
  • il cyborg divina :: The Cyborg Divine
  • Synopsis: The world is ending, the Dragons are taking over and Zzysra, a Cyborg made by Perch Tech, questions why she can't live past her Undyear. Issue 39.
  • Link: Smashwords, Goodreads

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