The Love of an Italian Dragon
Issue No. 40
Story Arc Lyarknar Saga Epoch
Word Count 8749
Release Date 4/1/12
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The Love of an Italian Dragon is the 40th issue in the TSODR series and it sets the stage for Dragon Talk (Ashuton's issue) and Space Dragon Weekly (Chamyou's story). The book chronicles the Karrucci siblings, whom are the princes and princesses of the Antonin Empire.

Plot (Contains Spoilers)Edit

Dragons can be very romantic when they wish, especially when they have nothing left to do during the day besides strolling the piazza. The Love of an Italian Dragon is a book of flash stories that take a look into the lives of the Karrucci family, Italy’s most important dragons. Issue #40 in the Society On Da Run series.


Ashuton's SideEdit

Ashuton Karrucci has three flash stories in this collection. His stories include Movement 2: Poem of the Happy Dragon, Remembering, The Boy with the Rabbit Eyes, Calucci and Ashuton's Beautiful Painting of Life, Human Weakness and Human Weaknesses. His stories focus more on his early life before Narcissus (with the exception of Movement 2). His stories also introduce Calucci Karrucci, one of the "hidden" brothers.

Thomas's SideEdit

Thomas's flash stories intoduce Fin, the mysterious African woman he once loved. He found her wandering around the backstreets alone and he took her in. The second poem indicates he fell in love with her when she came back to him some years later. His last story, The Toilets of Wrath, give a little insight into Dragon Scale trading and his insatiable sex addiction.

Charlie's SideEdit

Charlie's stories include Lovable Brother and Charlie Karrucci and the Tenebere Girl. The second story gives insight into his "quality mannerism" and his days as a Waltz instructor. The story introduces Gretchen, a Tenebere (Crotonian+Tir'well+Italian/Welch lineage) girl whom will play a major role in later issues. His first story hints at possible shipping between him and the castle secretary, Sayaka.

Other SidesEdit

Various other Karrucci siblings have their own stories in the collection. Julia's story explores her sickness, Rachelle's story explores her addiction to cooking the "perfect pasta" and Massimo's story explores his relation with Siletero. The other stories' purpose is to give insight into the everyday lives of the family of royal dragons.

Easter EggsEdit

  • The Dra+Koi theme song ( とある竜の恋の歌 ) inspired a few lines in the book's "opening theme" poem, Song of Italian Dragons. The Dra+Koi theme song can be heard here:
  • Calucci and Ashuton's story was inspired by the Dead Island main theme from the game Dead Island and Kioku by kukui from their album Hakoniwa Note.
  • Sayaka's prototype character in the 2005 version of TSODR was a talking Meerkat inspired by Rocket Dog from Meerkat Manor, and her "talking meerkat" character was later changed to reduce the "kiddy" factor in the book.
  • Freda's character was inspired by the song Tori no Uta by Lia.