il cyborg divina::The Cyborg Divine
Issue No. 39
Story Arc Dragon Apocalypse
Word Count 2230
Release Date 3/29/12
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il cyborg divina: The Cyborg Divine, is the thirty-ninth issue in the popular dragon series, The Society On Da Run. The story centers around Zzysra, the android crafted by Perch Tech during the dragon apocalypse. In the language of the Owls, Zzysra's name translates to "Little Hope."

Plot (Contains Spoilers)Edit

Zzysra is awoken by Quentin, the current Owl emperor. She goes through a series of tests, which includes the Dragon Test. She does not pass it successfully and wonders why she cannot live past her Undyear.

Easter Eggs and FactsEdit

  • The author's intentions for the story was to put a twist on the AndroidxHuman genre by adding various plot twists, actual computer code commands (for authneticity) and focusing more on the android's understanding and learning process.
  • The songs Saigo no Koi by ALI PROJECT and Memories by Within Temptation are used as unofficial theme songs for the story.
  • The issue was written for submission to the Kindle Singles category, but it did not meet the word count requirements.