Faeries, the sixth oldest race in the universe and offsprings of Dragons, Crotonians and the Fae Goddess, are mostly companions to the Draconizican Dragons and the Owls of Tyto Albania. Human-sixed Faeries are mostly called Iry Kids. on their homeworld, the human-sized fairies would do whatever they please. Some of them rode on the dragons or plant seeds everywhere or raise newborn saplings. Other Faeries, like the smallish bug-Fae would sing with Cicadas in the evening. The human-sized Faes were called Gods by the other faeries. They could take many forms, but most could only transform from human by day and insect at night. Faes that have killed Dragons are filled with the memories of the ones they killed and are haunted in Faërie Siïn (Fairy Sin). This is also called "a Dragon’s Stabbed Heart." On the homeworld, many Faes organize what a group called "The Circle" for many of their forests. The Circle is a small group of Faes that take care of Faelings and mentally saddened Faes. They would always get together in the trunk of an old tree and sit in a circle to talk about each other’s life. It was mandatory for them. Small Faeries cannot keep secrets for long, they would explode into a bloody mess if they kept to many haunting secrets.

Faerie TypesEdit

Cyber FaeriesEdit

Cyber Faes are a mixture of Faerie blood and Black Technology. They command computers, control anything with the soul of Technology, they can link up and see through security cameras, and they are linked to the Draconizica Dragons. The main purpose of a Cyber Fae is to guard a Dragonshrine from unwanted intruders. In Lindendale, they guard the outer city gates from intruders. At one point, Lucerano successfully implanted a virus into the Cyber Fae species, causing them to malfunction. Thiris, a Fae in charge of a Dragonshrine, had massacred the whole crew of the USS Sherona during her time aboard the ship. Cyber Faes are considered extremely dangerous.

Traditional FaeriesEdit

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Born from Dragon and Crotonian blood, the Faeries left the empires from which they were born to meld their own. On Earth they held small communities in two respective countries: Mesoamerica and Africa. They can communicate with their Fae King through a mind link and are natural masters of White Technology. Fairies tend to possess psychic powers and a most Fae societies are hidden in forests throughout the world. Fays are usually called Fairy, Fearie, Fay, Fae, Iry, and Iry Kids. Fairy wings are a prized possession, and some Faes are wise and only a few centuries old.

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