Very little is known about them. They have no shifter descendants and are loved by the Dragons. Their Third Dynasty tagline is “Cicala di Italia,” and they come out every summer to mate. The dragons of Draconizica praise them and deem cicadas sacred to their lineage.

Cicada Leaders of the Third DynastyEdit

  • there has been only one known ruler throughout the history of the Cicadas. They tend to keep to themselves and not bout over power. The only Cicada leader was Julius Xanthar, the cicada with a human shifter form. He led a small army to a forest island to claim it for his cicadas during the first landing of Draconizica.

Main Gods and DietiesEdit

  • Julius Xanthar: the only known Cicada shifter in existence. He had once consorted with a Dragoness during his First Landing to Isola d'Elba
  • Pillia the Wise: a voiceless cicada, Pillia was Julius's consort and later his mate. Despite her strange abilities she had the normal lifespan of a cicada.

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